Bambooty Extra Large Wet Bag - Troppo

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Product Overview

XL wetbags are perfect for

  • hanging near the change table
  • in the laundry
  • a beach/swim lesson bag to keep everything wet in, even a towel! 
  • dirty washing basket when travelling
  • children's in room washing basket, even older kids!
  • my teenagers love the watercolour range of prints, who doesn't love melons or ice cream! 

Fitting 16+ OSFM bambooty nappies, they're perfect for storing dirty nappies in with a zip too! 

Just throw it in the wash with the nappies or whatever else you had in them :) 

Sturdy Carry handles and a wide opening for easy access. 


How many uses can you find for your Bambooty Wet-Bag?

Approximate size 44 x 49cm

* Available colour is NAVY STRIPES.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review