Bubblebubs Double Pocket Wetbag

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This wetbag is approx 40x30cm and made from laminated PUL. It has a convenient handle to hang over your pram or change table Great for out and about for dirty nappies but also for 100 other reasons!

Every house needs a wetbag or 5!


  • Dirty nappies. The reason wetbags were invented. You’re out and about and you need to put a dirty nappy somewhere, the wetbag is here for you. Wetbags are brilliant at keeping in smell so you can deal with “everything” when you get home.
  • Swimmers. PUL is not waterproof it’s water resistant. In the same way, an overly full nappy will leak, a wetbag with sopping wet swimmers will also leak. But give them a bit of squeeze and pop them in your wetbag and you’ll be fine.
  • Mini nappy bag. This works especially well with the double-pocket wetbags. You can put a couple of clean nappies and change time essentials in one pocket and use the other for dirty nappies and you’ve got a mini nappy bag.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review