Happy Flute Bamboo Cloth Wipes

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Did you know that disposable wipes cost between 3 to 13 cents a wipe?! If you have a big mess to clean up you could be using 4 to 6 disposable wipes.

Cloth wipes are not only universal in their uses (bottom wipes, face wipes, spills) but they can save you close to $1000 dollars over 3 years by simply washing with your cloth nappies!

Keep these wipes near your change station with a water bottle or spray and you are good to go.  They can be folded to be used several times. 

It's a guarantee that these are 10 times more effective to use then disposable wipes.

Material: 2 Layers of soft bamboo terry.

Size: 21 x 21cm

*Sold in a pack of 5.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review