Brand Reps – Cloth Bums

Brand Reps



The Brand Representative will be involved with our brand for a period of 3 months. At the completion of this time, and if both parties agree, the position will continue in a rollover capacity. 

Completion of the agreement will be notified 2 weeks prior to the completion date, and we can choose to cancel the agreement at any time. 


Word of mouth is the centre of our business and recommendations are so important to us. 

  • Genuine support and enthusiasm for the products and brands we provide, willingness to give new products a go and learn about the range that we stock. 
  • Having a public and active Instagram account. OR Unless otherwise agreed to, be able to support with a Facebook capacity within cloth related groups.
  • Post and tag a minimum of 4-6 images / stories per month. If you don’t have your own products to post, you can share from our Cloth Bums page, using same hashtags.
  • Recommendations of our products to Facebook cloth nappy groups, please note that you will need to use a disclaimer when posting in these groups. This is a biggest driving force of business as people are solely in these groups which are interested in cloth nappies, we encourage you to comment as much as you this our products are appropriate. 
  • We love seeing pictures of our products on the bum and to get a range of photos we require the ability to share these on our social media and website.  If any images are used in print media we will request permission before proceeding. 
  • We will provide free products in your order to trial and review, this is generally aimed at driving sales towards our site for purchase, we encourage you to tag us rather than the manufacture if you post to ensure customers are driven to our site. 
  • We are constantly expanding our range and developing new products, if we provide something to you and there is something that isn't quite right please get in contact with me before posting reviews so we can discuss any possible adjustments or solutions.
  • Where you are a brand enthusiast for other companies, we ask that you post separately about our business. We don’t mind instagram stories where you might refer to our brand and another but would still require the minimum posts to be completed on our behalf as well.
  • We will email through updates on product information fortnightly so you can get to know our products and what's available for people. 


  • 20% off all Cloth Bums Branded Products
  • 15% off remainder of retail store products’ RRP for the duration of your contract, excluding value packs and gift cards.  We also offer free shipping over the value of $100.
  • A Brand Rep discount code to share with friends and family for 10% off their first order with Cloth Bums - not to be distributed on public forums.
  • We may have the capacity for some free products to trial, but this is not guaranteed. This will be discussed on an individual basis as different Brand Reps have different children, ages and requirements. 

if you wish to apply, please email Britt at and let us know a little bit about your little family and where you are located.