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"I used another brand of overnight reusable nappies prior to this and found that my son would wet through with the change of seasons. But wow these really hold even with an extra feed overnight till the morning. I wish I invested in these earlier 😁" - Gabriela M.


Night nappy FAQ's

At a minimum, you will need 4 night nappies to get you through a 3-day wash cycle.

However, it is good to have up to 6 to cover you during winter, sickness or if you get behind.

To get the best results from your nappies we recommend following these 4 simple wash steps:

Step 1: Dry Pail

Remove solid poo from the nappy, seperate inserts from the shell and place in your dry pail.
(Babies not yet on solids can go straight in your dry pail).

Step 2: Pre-wash cycle

Run a short wash cycle 60 degrees with half the normal detergent every 1-2 days. Remove from your washing machine and dry pail awaiting your main wash.

Step 3: Main-wash cycle

Run a longer main-wash cycle 40-60 degrees with detergent every 3-4 days.

Step 4: Hang to dry

Hang nappies to dry or use a clothes dryer on low heat. 

For more information on washing guidelines - CLICK HERE.

Children are generally in night nappies until the age of 3-4, which could cost up to $1000 in just night nappies.

With the use of reusable night time nappies you are looking up to a tenth of the savings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 229 reviews
Jasmine K. (Yishun New Town, SG)
Trim yet absorbent

I love the elastic front and back to keep the poop inside. Especially when my baby has a small waist. The inserts are more than sufficient for my 5 month old baby yet it is trim and allows maximum movement. Really love this product.

Rene F. (Perth, AU)
Chunky but excellent

I put off using Knights for a while because they’re so chunky, but now we’re into the swing of things I love them. We can put them on an hour before bed time as part of the wind down routine and they last through to morning. Would definitely recommend.

Jordan H. (Sydney, AU)
Exceptional quality and fit

This is the best night nappy I’ve used yet! Feels so soft on the inside, didn’t leave red marks that I’ve experienced with other brands, and so absorbent. My baby is nearly 8 months and approx 7kg for reference, quite petite but still fit perfectly! Britt helped with checking my fit when I messaged her pics on Instagram too. Best customer service. My favourite cloth nappy brand by far :)

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