How to fit your modern cloth nappy

Fit Guide

When it comes to cloth nappies, knowing how to properly fit them is essential for both your baby's comfort and to prevent leaks. In this guide, we'll cover the basic steps for fitting a cloth nappy.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure your cloth nappy is fitted correctly and your baby stays comfortable and dry. Happy nappy changing!

1. Start Low

Position the back elastic of the nappy just above your baby's bum crack.

2. Taco

Pull the front of the nappy up through the crotch by pinching the groin as you pull it up, which will tuck the leg elastics into the undie line.
This is called the "taco" method.

3. Flatten

Flatten the front of the nappy to sit across your child's hips, the front of the nappy should sit above the top of the thigh.

4. Secure

Secure the hip snap to make the leg seal secure. Then secure the waist snaps to where they naturally reach. No need to make it tight and ensure there is a 2 finger gap at the tummy.

5. Rise Snaps Facing Up

Ensure the fabric in the fold of the rise snaps is tucked facing upwards, this will allow the elastics to seal properly around the thigh, use to fingers two tuck this up as shown.

6. Tuck & Tidy

Time to tuck and tidy! Make sure those leg elastics are nice and snug into your baby's groin, and any excess fabric is tucked neatly. This will ensure there is no leaks by creating the best barrier.


Pull up the side of your nappy as shown so the wing is sitting above your child's thigh and isn't cutting across the top of the leg.

8. DONE!

And you are done!
Remember, the snaps in the middle of the nappy do not need to be even, pictured is he waist snaps on uneven settings.

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