Wet Bags & Pods


      So what would I need a wet bag for and how will they make my life easier? 

      Wet bags and pods are a great accessory for use with cloth nappies when out and about, however they have more uses than just cloth nappies... here are a couple of ideas:

      • Storage of dirty or wet clothes & nappies when out and about. Perfect for toilet training toddlers or swimming gear.
      • Keep a spare change of clothes or school uniform at the bottom of your childs school bag.
      • Transporting and storing cloth nappies for day care and nights away. 
      • Perfect storage for snacks, toys and all those essential items for a trip to the park.
      • Our double pocket wet bag makes a great library bag for kindy or school.
      • Toiletry bag.

      The uses are endless and the perfect parenting accessory.

      55 products

      55 products