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Wet Bag FAQ's

Wet bags and pods are a great accessory for use with cloth nappies (and lots of other items) when out and about, here are a couple of ideas:

  • Storage of dirty or wet clothes & nappies when out and about. Perfect for toilet training toddlers or swimming gear.
  • Keep a spare change of clothes or school uniform at the bottom of your child's school bag.
  • Transporting and storing cloth nappies for day care and nights away. 
  • Perfect storage for snacks, toys and all those essential items for a trip to the park.
  • Our double pocket wet bag makes a great library bag for kindy or school.
  • Toiletry bag.

The uses are endless and the perfect parenting accessory.

They are all water-resistant bags, however they serve different purposes.

Small Wet Bags are small but super handy, with the single pocket they are handy for storing one cloth nappy and some wipes, breast pads, cloth wipes, or a change of clothes.

Large Double Pocket Wet Bags can be used with the two pockets acting as separate wet bags, one for clean & one for dirty.

Pod Wet Bags are double lined, durable and make a great nappy bag for on the go or storage for day care. Pack your change mat, couple of nappies, wipes, wet bag & a drink bottle for your trip out.

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