Night Nappies

Nighttime confidence

12 hour absorbency

Engineered design

Added features to stop leaks

Natural Fibres

Made from with hemp & bamboo

Night nappy FAQ's

Our range of night nappies have been specifically engineered to combat leaks overnight, we have added absorption and features to ensure your little one stays dry all night.

Night nappies have significantly more absorbency compared to regular day-time cloth nappies. There is more area coverage in the inserts and more than 18 layers of material to last the 12-hour stretch.

Not only does a night nappy have more absorbency but it also has more features to ensure there are no leaks. Knight nappy and Dragon PUL cover have more room for the added layers but also elastics and leak panels to keep everything inside.

At a minimum you will need 4 night nappies for full-time use, however we recommend having a couple of extra to allow of drying time (especially in the cooler winter months) and just generally for when life gets in the way.

It is a possibility; however your child's output and situation will change over time. We have designed a nighttime solution that will last for the entire period of needing a night nappy.

Also, what you may also find what happens is that day-time nappies are not designed to hold the bulk of nighttime absorbency and the leg seal of your nappy is compromised meaning that leaks are more frequent.

At Cloth Bums we have developed two types of nighttime nappy solutions, our Knight nappy and nighttime preflat.

Our Knight nappy is our best-selling night nappy design has it is a pocket style which is easy to fit and comes with all you need to get you through the night.

On the other hand you have the nighttime preflat, which is the modern version of the old school terry towel. These dry quickly and are extremely customisable for children that have a high nighttime output, but are slightly more fiddly to get a good fit.

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