Night Nappies


      How do night nappies differ to normal day nappies?

      Our night nappies are designed with some extra little features to last your little one for long periods overnight.  The inserts that are included with our night nappy are made from highly absorbent natural materials and have more layers than a standard day nappy. 

      Our night nappy also has extra leak protection in the double leg gusset and PUL panels at the front and back of the nappy so that you and your child can sleep peacefully without worrying about changing outfits and sheets in the middle of the night.

      But can't I just add extra inserts to my day nappies?

      This will vary from child to child - however, regular day nappies are only designed to hold a number of inserts which may make it difficult to fit the nappy when it is overfilled and in turn leading to leakage.  Adding extra inserts may work initially but over time as your child increases their output you will possibly find that a dedicated night nappy is a better and more reliable solution. 

      How many night nappies do I need?

      This will depend on how often you are washing your nappies.  At a minimum we would recommend 4 night nappies with 6 being the ideal amount.  Just remember that dry time is longer throughout the cooler months and if there is a night time #2 before bed you might leave yourself short.
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      28 products