Ethical Sourcing

Our own Cloth Bums products are ethically made in China by a small family run factory which is used by several Australian known and loved brands.  

Unfortunately due to Covid we have been unable to visit our factory, however we have a strong relationship with our team overseas and are confident in their practices.  We have been assured that all staff members are of legal working age and staff are paid an above average wage with additional time off benefits.

Staff work an average 5 to 6 day working week with a maximum of 40 hours during that period and there is an allotted long lunch period of 1 to 1.5 hrs a day.

We have a close friendship and business relationship with the staff we speak to every day and the team is always open to assist and work together to provide the best outcome for each party. 

The factory which we use to manufacture our Cloth Bums range is certified according to Standard 100 by OEKO-Tex. This is one of the world's most best-known labels for certification of textiles against harmful substances.  Our manufacturer goes through regular standardised testing to ensure their product and services exceed consumer standards. 

Based on 531 reviews

I finally decided to face my fear of using cloth nappies at night. We’ve used cloth during the day since newborn days, but have avoided night nappies as my 16mo isn’t the best sleeper to start with, so I definitely didn’t want to make sleep worse with leaks/uncomfortable fit/bulky nappies. We have been so impressed with the Cloth Bums Knight nappies. No leaks (even with a Dad fit!!), my toddler loves the prints and he seems comfortable. We even tried just the trifold one night without the booster and it held up really well. I can’t believe we didn’t use these night nappies sooner. I don’t have to buy disposables at all, and my wash routine is virtually the same excpet I don’t put my pre-wash on at night - I just wait until the morning to add the night nappy in first. So easy! We definitely recommend these!!

Great for training

Easy to use and fit my petite 2 year old really well

Love this knight nappy!

The design suits well for my 1 year old and 3 year old, even it is a bit bulky but it doesn’t bother my children. The knight inserts have great absorbency that I never need to worry it would leak.

KNIGHT Night Nappy - Rose Water

Love this print and the nappy itself. I said I was done buying nappies but after trying the knight night nappy I will have to buy more for my stash. It's so absorbent, I use it on my 8mo girl. It's not too bulky either with the trio, booster and I add a second booster just in case.

Best night nappy

Love the double gusset and print

Works a Treat

Love the print, love the shell, love the inserts. I'll always on the look out for dinosaurs and Pee-Rex worked for me. It is a pretty dark/subtle print but it works nicely. The inserts feel good, absorb well and dry nice and quickly (a priority for me in Canberra in winter).

Cloth Bums PIXIE Pocket Nappy - Twiggy

Cloth Nappy Trial Pack
Emma O'Halloran

I love all the patterns. So easy to use

Cloth Bums Cloth Wipes

Great little pull ups

Great pull ups for my 9 month old 10kg little boy we use them as nappies as it's so hard to wrangle our little guy into normal nappies. had to buy more 😍

love it

Fantastic wet bag, great size which can be used for many things

10/10 recommend

Absolutely perfect


My favourite nappies in my stash!

Super simple and easy

Love the design, I can snap it before putting on my toddler who refuses to lie down 100%of the time..I wish you had an option of a natural lining though, maybe just a shell without a sewn in component( would be my stash).

2 layer hemp trifold

Nice and absorbent, not too bulky

Great 👍

Absorbent so far so good

Amazing night nappy - Lasts 12+ hrs

The cloth bums night nappies are amazing! They easily last 12hrs on my 5mo with no issues. No leaks or nappy rash etc + they are so easy to stuff thanks to the generous pocket! Highly recommend as a night time solution


My favourite type of nappy from my cloth nappy collection!

Works a treat

I use these to boost knights or just as a day nappy insert, and they work wonderfully. My baby is a light wetter during the day and a heavy wetter overnight, so this was the perfect solution for us


We were after something to stop the he leaking for my 10MO and we’re told that these should do the trick from a Cloth Bums Rep. Unfortunately we spent a lot of money and still have the same problem.


These preflats are amazing quality, soft and snug! I put them on my 4 month old today and have now converted to using these full time as they soft, flexible and the absorbency (OMG)!. I wish I discovered these when my bub was a newborn, I used the bambams and enjoyed them. So glad these grow with baby, I am just so so happy with these. Have almost ordered 2 in every colour. Paired it with an insert and had lasted hours and hours. These rock. Thank you

Fluffy Ducks Bamboo Insert Set
Shuk Yim

This inserts after wash is still straight Compared with other brand (so curly after wash). But the edges start getting fluffy after 10 wash (the other brand wasn’t)

So, hard to get win win hey.

Alva Baby OSFM Pocket Nappy - Avocado
Karina Trenowden
Let's avo-cuddle

Super cute design and not something you see everywhere. Haven't had a poop explosion since swapping to cloth nappies so that's a big win!

Fantastic inserts

Bought a few extra inserts for my heavy wetter. They definitely make a difference and hold better overnight.