Cloth Nappy FAQs

How many cloth nappies do I need? 
Depending if you are using cloth nappies on full-time or part-time bases we recommend between 20 to 30 for full time use. 

This is all based on how frequently you will do a main load of washing - something to consider is that babies over the age of 6 months will use between 6 to 8 nappies in a day.

If you are using an all in two style (Ai2) you may be able to get away with having more inserts than shells in turn saving you money. Just remember that almost anything can be used as an insert!

Cloth nappies seem like hard work, how do I stay on top of everything?
Initially the idea of using cloth can be overwhelming, however once you find your routine it tends to keep the whole families washing at bay.

Starting out with a trial pack is a great way to give it a go, find your routine and really discover how great the benefits can be.

What is the pre-use care for my cloth nappies?
Prior to using nappies for the first time it is important to machine wash with detergent before use, this helps increase the absorbency and remove any manufacturing residues from the nappies. 

There is no need to soak inserts, this won't increase absorbency - it is the agitation in your washing machine which will expand the fibres and increase the liquid intake.

Nappies will generally increase in absorbency over time with washing, this is because the surface area of the fibers of the material loosens and increases over time.

What are the washing instructions for my new cloth nappies? 
We have created a basic guide for keeping your nappies sparkling clean. You can find this in our info section of the website.

What is the care for a soiled nappy? 
It is suggested that an open aired pail is kept in your laundry for immediate storage of the nappies. 

The air flow of the open aired pail avoids the build of any strong smells and ammonia build up in the nappies. Number two's can be put directly into the toilet and quickly rinsed (if required) before putting in the dry pail. 

How often do I need to wash my nappies?
A prewash is recommend every morning is suggested for the most successful results.  Generally it is recommended that nappies have completed a long wash cycle within three days of being soiled. More information on this can be found in our washing guidelines.

How do I use cloth nappies when I am out and about and at daycare?
A lot of daycare centers are already familiar with the process of cloth nappies and will usually ask for you to supply a bucket or wet bag for transporting them too and from the centre. 

This is similar to when you are out an about with bub, once changed the soiled nappy can go straight into the wet bag and any smell or mess will be contained in here. 

Nappy pods and wet bags are a great solution for traveling with cloth nappies.

Can I use nappy creams with cloth nappies?
Yes, if you have an adequate wash routine these aren't a problem.

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