Cloth Nappies

Depending if you are using cloth nappies on full-time or part-time bases we recommend between 20 to 30 for full time use. 

This is all based on how frequently you will do a main load of washing - something to consider is that babies over the age of 6 months will use between 6 to 8 nappies in a day.

Just remember, starting with just a handful cloth nappies is a great way to make the switch. It's not all or nothing.

Initially the idea of using cloth can be overwhelming, however once you find your routine it tends to keep the whole families washing at bay.

Starting out with a trial pack is a great way to give it a go, find your routine and really discover how great the benefits can be.

Prior to using nappies for the first time it is important to machine wash with detergent before use, this helps increase the absorbency and remove any manufacturing residues from the nappies. 

There is no need to soak inserts, this won't increase absorbency - it is the agitation in your washing machine which will expand the fibres and increase the liquid intake.

Nappies will generally increase in absorbency over time with washing, this is because the surface area of the fibers of the material loosens and increases over time.

We have created a basic guide for keeping your nappies sparkling clean.
You can find this information HERE.

A lot of daycare centers are already familiar with the process of cloth nappies and will usually ask for you to supply a bucket or wet bag for transporting them too and from the centre. 

This is similar to when you are out an about with bub, once changed the soiled nappy can go straight into the wet bag and any smell or mess will be contained in there. 

Nappy pods and wet bags are a great solution for traveling with cloth nappies.

Yes, if you have an adequate wash routine these aren't a problem.

It is reccomended to change your baby's nappy every 2-3hrs. This is the same reccomendation for disposables also. 

As a blanket answer - yes. To keep bub and your nappies nice and clean you'll need to wash both the cover and the inserts inside each time. The only exception to this rule is if you're using a wipable cover (no stay dry layer) and your bub has only wee'd and hasn't soiled their nappy. In this case all you'll need to do is wipe the shell out with a warm cloth and then replace the inserts with new ones. A shell can typically be used 2-3 times before you need to use a new cover. 

As your child reaches 4 to 6 months of age they may require a deidated night nappy once they are sleeping longer stretches.

We recommend having a look at our range of night nappies HERE>

Cloth Wipes

Cloth wipes can be washed as per normal with your nappies. No need to dry wipes if you plan to use straight away.

Easy! Our personal choice is our small sized Cloth Bums wet bag, you can choose to pre wet before you head out or just wet with a water bottle as needed.

Others also use waterproof wipe bags, or plastic containers to transport their wipes.

Water is all you need. Cloth wipes are so much more effective at cleaning your little one that water will do the trick just fine.

wet bags & accessories

A wet bag is a water resistant bag for storing soiled nappies, wipes and dirty clothes.

They are used when you are out and about with your nappies and need somewhere to store soiled items until you are home.

Wet bags are a resourceful item even if you aren't using cloth nappies, toilet training toddlers, messy day care clothes or a spare uniform at the bottom of the school bag.

A pod is a type of wet bag which has been designed specifically to transport clean cloth nappies.
Pods will generally hold 6 or more cloth nappies at a time and are a great storage solution for daycare, or a day trip.

Wet bags can be washed with your cloth nappies or other general washing, no warmer than 60 degrees.

Dry in shade and avoid extended sunlight exposure.

swim nappies

Swim nappes are designed specifically for use in the water, there are no inserts in swim nappies as they are designed to catch poo only. This is the same for cloth or disposable nappies.

Our tip - pop the swim nappy on your child just as you hop into the water or else you may be left with a wet lap, or car seat.

Most families require 2 or 3 swim nappies. As there are no inserts the shells wash and dry quickly.

Technically yes - however just keep in mind that the shells of regular cloth nappies are designed to hold inserts, so you may notice when you get in the water there may be a lot of excess fabric where the shell is retaining water in the nappy.
Our Cloth Bums Hydra swim nappies are trim and when fitted correctly will not have any excess material around the bum!