Waterproof Sheet Sizing


Wanting to know if our sheets will fit your little ones bassinet or cot? Don't worry, we've got you. We have done the leg work to make sure that our sheets will fit on your little ones bed.

Cot Sizing

We have designed our sheets to fit all Australian standard cot sizing, but the depth in the wall of the sheet ensures for a easy and adjustable fit.

Sheet sizing is: 132 x 77 (with a 19cm wall)

*Love N Care Compact Cot will fit our cot sheet sizing. 

Bassinet Sizing

Our bassinet sheet will fit most bassinet matresses with a few exceptions.
These co-sleeper matresses WILL NOT fit our sheets:
- 4Baby Bedside Sleeper
- 4Baby Snuggle Cuddle Bedside
* When fitting our sheet on these mattresses we found the mattress too unstructured to stay flat, we recommend mattresses over 3cm in thickness. 

Here's a number of brands that are suitable with our bassinet sheet sizing: 

- Charli Bassinet
- Sleep & Stay Bassinet
- Serenity Bassinet
- Natura Bassinet

- Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet

- Pod Bassinet.

Bebe Care
- Ole Bedside Sleeper V2

- Barley Bassinet
- Neat Bedside Sleeper
- Tidy Bassinet
- Neat Rocking Cradle


- Next2Me Pop Up

- Next2Me Dream Crib

- Next2Me Air

- Next2Me Magic Crib

- Chloe Rocking Bassinet
- Moses Bassinet
- Osmo Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper

SnuzPod Range

Fisher Price
- Soothing View Bassinet

- Patsy Bassinet
- Bebe Bassinet
- Luna Folding Bassinet
- Lilly Bassinet

Happiest Baby
SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet

il Tutto - Tutti Bambini
Cozee Breeze Bedside

- Roomie Glide

Love N Care
- Weig Bassinet
- Traversina Sleeper

- Aspen Bassinet
- Orlando Bassinet

Sacred Bundle
- Remi Bedside Rocker
- Belle Baby Bassinet
- Oval Sunrise Baby Bassinet
- Woven Sunrise Baby Bassinet
- Louie Baby Bassinet
- Saba Baby Bassinet
- Viverina Baby Bassinet


- Cocoon Bassinet

Tasman Eco
- Rascali Bassinet
- Amore Bassinet

* Please note this list is ever expanding and if you have any questions or your model isn't listed here please message us. It doesn't meant that it won't fit, it just means we've either missed it from our list or haven't tested it yet.

If in doubt, we are more than happy to accept returns - please try the sheet on your bedtime solution before washing as we unfortunately cannot accept returns which have been washed or used. 

Cradle Sizing

Tasman Eco have a number of cradle sizing available, the 840 x 370 x 70mm will fit our bassinet sheet, the larger size 920 x 460 x 70mm will not fit the cot or bassinet comfortably.