Save over $3,000 per child with the switch to reusable nappies.


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"I’m a first time cloth nappy user and am glad to have come across Cloth Bums! As being first time user the trial pack was the perfect starter to
see if they were a good fit (which they are)!!

Absolutely love the make and all the designs 😊 will be expanding my stash to full time." - Sharon C.


Get started with a trial pack

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Pack includes:

  • 3 x Cloth Bums Pixie Birth-to-Toilet-Training Nappies
  • Supplied with our best-selling Hemp Duo Set

Looking to test the waters and don't know where to start? Our Pixie nappy is a one-size-fits-most design, fitting babies from 3kg to 18kg.


  • Adjustable Sizing: Fits all shapes and sizes
  • Double Leg Gussets: Prevent leaks
  • Tummy Leak Panel: With super soft tummy elastic, perfect for tummy sleepers
  • Stay-Dry Suede Cloth Lining: Keeps your baby feeling dry and rash-free
  • Thick Back Elastics: Ensure a gentle and perfect fit

Prints are selected at random. If you prefer girls', neutrals, or boys' prints, please note this at checkout, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Please note: No exchanges, swaps, or refunds on the trial pack unless the product is faulty. Prints are selected with a generalised view of neutral or gender-specific designs, which is open to interpretation. Limit of one per customer; multiple packs will be refunded.

Help with the poop

Reusable nappy FAQ's

For full-time use of reusable nappies we recommend approximately 24 in total, however you don't need this many to get started.

The best way to get started is to begin with a trial pack which includes 3 complete nappies to test the waters. Everything you need to begin your cloth journey can be found below.

To get the best results from your nappies we recommend follwing these 4 simple wash steps:

Step 1: Dry Pail

Remove solid poo from the nappy, seperate inserts from the shell and place in your dry pail.
(Babies not yet on solids can go straight in your dry pail).

Step 2: Pre-wash cycle

Run a short wash cycle 40-60 degrees with half the normal detergent every 1-2 days. Remove from your washing machine and dry pail awaiting your main wash.

Step 3: Main-wash cycle

Run a longer main-wash cycle 40-60 degrees with detergent every 3-4 days.

Step 4: Hang to dry

Hang nappies to dry or use a clothes dryer on low heat. 

For more information on washing guidelines - CLICK HERE.

If your child is not yet eating solid foods the poo is completely water soluble whether they are formula or breast fed.

As soon as your baby is eating solid food the poo needs to be removed from the nappy before washing, you can choose to use disposable liners which lay in the nappy and help with an easy clean up. You can find these below, or if you click HERE.

Babies will generally need around 6,500 nappy changes between birth and toilet training.

With the cost of electricity, water and detergent the use of cloth will save over $2,000 for 2 years of cloth nappy use, and even more of a saving with subequent children. A more indepth break down of all the costs can be found HERE.

How we are better?

cloth bums
  • Bamboo & hemp absorbent inserts
  • Added leak protection
  • Designed with parents in mind
  • Versitile sizing 3 to 18kg
other brands
  • Microfibre Inserts (prone to leaks)
  • Basic Features
  • Not designed to last multiple children
  • Restricted sizing, 5 to 15kg
choose once, & choose the best

Buying nappies for your little one is an investment, and at Cloth Bums, we’ve designed nappies that are absorbent, leak-proof, and high quality, all while staying affordable.

Our Cloth Bums trial pack has everything you need to switch from disposables easily. Choose Cloth Bums for a sustainable, cost-effective, and stylish option for your baby.
Experience the difference today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 255 reviews
Carly (Brisbane, AU)
The best!

We’ve tried different brands and these are by far the easiest to use, most absorbent, and softest, not to mention the cutest prints!

Chloe Y. (Brisbane, AU)
Amazing fit and quality

Super soft PUL and an overall great fit. Really love the added booster as well as the tri fold, together they are really absorbent and not bulky at all

Cute and functional!

After trying a couple of different cloth nappy brands, none are as soft, absorbent, or cute as cloth bums!