How many cloth nappies do I need?

This is a common question which we get asked frequently and this will hopefully help clear things up for you!

There are many different approaches to starting cloth nappies. Some families just want to go slow and try just one or two nappies first, others want to do full time from the very beginning - we love both options and everything inbetween because at the end of the day, even just one cloth nappy saves hundreads of disposables going to landfil and every bit counts.

Newborns go through an average of 10-12 nappy changes in a day, so initially you'll need more nappies, or wash more frequently.
As your baby gets older the frequency of changes slow down and you only change on average 6 nappies a day pending babies age. 

Here is a table to help guide you. This is based on a 2 day wash routine with an extra days worth of nappies (3 days worth in total) to get you by while your nappies dry.
Learn more about washing cloth nappies here.

 Baby's age Part time Full time-day  Full time day & night
0-3 months 15-18 30-36 33-39
3-6 months 9-12 18-24 21-27
6-12+ months 9 18 27

* part time numbers are based off doing half the average amount of nappy changes per age with cloth and half with disposables. 

This is just a general guide only and each family and baby's needs are different. As you work out what your needs are, you can adjust accordingly but this is a great guide to get you started. 

If you're excited to start your cloth journey or need more nappies to increase your stash we have a few options that will help!

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No matter what route you decide to take, we applaud you for doing your part for our beautiful planet. 

Any further questions you can always email us at and we are more than happy to answer them!