Newborn Cloth

Newborn Cloth

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One of the most common questions I get asked is what is the best option for newborns.  The thing is that there are several options available and several types available, this will all depend on how you want to approach cloth and also what your budget is.

Firstly, it is important to keep in mind that newborns poop... a lot! You will be looking at changing them 10 to 12 times a day.  One of the most frustrating things with a new bub (whether they are in disposables or cloth) is that as soon as you put that fresh nappy on they are going to poop as soon as you zip up that onesie.  I do have a trick to combat this if you read on..

So what are the types of newborn nappies?  A lot of bubs will initially be too small for one size fits most (OSFM) options and here are your options...

The traditional terry flat or the modern stretchy preflat. There are several GREAT things about this option;

1. They are cost effective! They start from $5.95 ea and have several uses. Burp cloth, nappy, additional booster in a pocket nappy etc.
2. They dry quickly! As they are flat they can easily and quickly dry- either on the line or in a dryer.
3. As is it a custom fold for each nappy, they tend to contain everything in the nappy meaning less mess and less outfit changes.

Just keep in mind that you will need a nappy cover for these to contain the moisture, they also require a clip or pin to keep them fastened at the front.

This would have to be one of my favourite newborn nappy.  It is a traditional nappy without having to master a fold whilst you are half asleep for the midnight bum change.  What I LOVE about a prefold is:

1. They are cost effective.  Maybe not as much as a traditional flat, but more than other options.
2. They are the nappy that keeps on giving... As bub grows out of the typical use of this nappy they can be folded and inserted into pocket nappies as a absorbent insert!
3. The easy fold makes them super simple to use. My husband probably found these easier to use then most of the other newborn styles available... that is really saying something!

The Bubblebubs Bamboo Terry Prefold is an award winning nappy and what is so great about these is that they are a blend of bamboo, cotton and elastane which gives the fabric extra stretch for an easy fit. Check them out here.

This is another favourite of mine.  Firstly, I have never felt something so soft in my life! This is an easy fit on a new bum and will fit from 1.2kg all the way up to approximately 8kg.  These are an award winning style and here's why:

1. As mentioned, they are a super soft bamboo/cotton fabric.  Bamboo is up to 4 times more absorbent than cotton which makes a thirsty nappy.
2. They are easy! Another nappy my husband loved. They are honestly as easy to use as a disposable.
3. This style is an award winning design for several years running.  That speaks for itself.

Unfortunately, even though this style is amazing it is limited with time.  They do however store well and can be used for multiple bubs or be sold on and will hold their value.

Newborn sized nappies.
This is a very popular option as it is the closest to a standard nappy that you can get.  A couple of options which we stock are the Alva Baby Newborn Nappy, and the Bubblebubs Pebbles. Here's a quick run down on these:

1. Super easy to put on with adjustable fasteners.
2. The inserts can either be removed (Alva Baby), or folded out (Pebbles) for a quick dry.
3. There are lots of beautiful colours and prints to choose from.

One size fits most.
Depending on the size and shape of the baby some newborns can fit straight into a OSFM nappy.  This varies a lot between brands as they all have different fits, see the options below:

- Alva Baby OSFM, this is a larger fitting nappy and will generally only fit once bub is around 4-5kg.
- Bambooty BASIC, starting from 3kg I have found that this nappy is a trimmer fit and is a great option which will fit from birth to toilet training.
- Bubblebubs Candie, what's so great about this nappy is that it is self adjusting so there are no front rise snaps to adjust. However they probably won't fit until bub is a bit larger (around 4kg+).

In the earlier days you may be able to get away with purchasing a few extra inserts so at nappy changes you are changing the insert only instead of the whole nappy (this applies to the BASIC and Candie styles only).

A couple of pointers for a newborn in cloth...

  • Poopy nappies from babies that are exclusively breastfed can go straight into the washing machine without having to rinse off the poo.  Breastfed baby poop is completely soluble.
  • Using a disposable or microfleece liner in the nappy will help in clean up. Especially if you have only just put a new nappy on, you might be able to get away with just replacing the liner.

If you are still undecided with what option is right for you and your baby we do have a range of newborn nappy trial packs available.  Most of these come with gift vouchers to go towards your bulk purchase and with free freight over $50 how can you go wrong!

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