Night Nappies- Customer set ups

Night Nappies- Customer set ups

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Night nappies can be scary and are often put off for most day cloth users as they feel scared or overwhelmed with the options out there or the fear of overnight leaks.

Here are what a few of our customers do with their babes as their nighttime solutions.

Emy from Kangaroo Point, Queensland

"I absolutely love my Cloth Bums Knights and have from their first use!
We've been using them successfully for over 12 months from when my daughter was a crazy wetter to now when she only wets her nappy once every three or four nights. I love the flexibility in the Knights, the sizing is great, the standard inserts are extremely absorbent, there's heaps of leak protection and the new guests are the bees knees and ensure a leg seal"

Her set up:

Baby: Aurora
Gender: Female
Age: 19 months
Weight: 10.5kgs (long and lean)
How long it is on the bum: 11hrs
Set up: Knight Nappy with hemp trifold only

For the last six months, my 19 month old has been staying dry over night surprisingly regularly. We still put a Knight on her every night but only use the trifold inside the pocket. However, when she was a super soaker from maybe 6 to 10 months, we added two five-layer cotton hemp inserts under the hemp trifold and bamboo booster. This was with the v1 Knight so there was an enormous leg gap but leaks were extremely rare even though all the inserts were soaked. Prior to this set up, we used a disposable with an MCN cover but it regularly leaked.

baby girl in a night sky mcn reusable cloth night nappy  small female toddler in a neutral reusable cloth night nappy


Jackie from Warrnambool, Victoria

"I got my first knight nappy in December of 2021. My baby was around 2 months old at the time and we'd been using night nappies for a few weeks. Knights caught my eye because they're as easy to set up as a day nappy, but with room for nighttime absorbency. I have since purchased more and have fallen in love with the newer version. You can't beat the inner gusset, and a pocket deeper than Edward's in Pretty Woman."

Her set up:

Baby: Nora
Gender: Female
Age: 8 months
Weight: 8.5kgs (chunky) 
How long it is on the bum: 12-13hrs
Set up: Knight nappy with included inserts (hemp trifold and bamboo booster) with added pixie inserts (hemp duo set) 

Recently, she has become a pretty heavy wetter overnight. At the moment our knight setup is the hemp trifold, a bamboo booster, and the insert and booster from a Pixie. This nappy is OTB for about 12-13 hours, so it needs to be able to go the distance. So far, the knight is the only easy-to-assemble option that's been able to keep up with my baby as she grows.


baby girl in a pink watercolour reusable cloth night nappy  baby girl in a pink watercolour reusable cloth night nappy

Jessie from Tom Price, Western Australia

"Using night nappies were easy with Cloth Bums. Our cloth bum baby is 22 months old and around 14kg and we have been using Cloth Bums for nighttime since the Knight was first released. The Knight nappy is easy to fit with its pocket design that’s straightforward and slaps straight on with no extra fiddling. The absorbency is customisable to your baby’s needs and the microfibre is great for the ones who flood their nappy, like my baby.

I also love using the preflats for nighttime. They are a little more fiddly because you can add so many extra things to the set-up according to your baby’s needs. But with a little trial and error (mostly trial), they quickly become a favourite. With our light wetting boy, we can actually use a preflat folded on it’s own! It is so trim yet so absorbent. "

Her set up:

Baby: Austyn
Gender: Male
Age: 22 months
Weight: 14kgs (chunky) 
How long it is on the bum: 12-13hrs

Set up: Hemp trifold folded in thirds and bamboo booster folded in half placed at the front with the wider end at the top.

Set upMy preferred preflat setup is folded down and boosted on the outside, between the preflat and cover, with a hemp 4 layer booster. I then fasten with a safety pin and pull a dragon wrap up and over to hold everything in.

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