Septemeber 2022 Release Product Updates/Changes

Septemeber 2022 Release Product Updates/Changes

Posted by Leia Norford on

Our latest new release is BIGGER AND BETTER than ever!
We not only have 20 gorgeous new prints, but we have upgraded some features to make our nappies even more incredible.

The first thing to note is that we have upgraded our PUL to a super luxe, super soft, super strong PUL.
The PUL is buttery soft and so smooth. This change is across all styles of nappies, and you will want to sleep on them because they're so soft.
Also, we have upgraded all snaps to now have a super luxe matte finish.

Now, let's jump into the details of each style and the individual changes.

The Pixie

As noted in our other blog (read here), the updated Pixie is a slightly smaller shell and is back to the sizing of our v2 release. This is the size that they will stay moving forward. Otherwise, the Pixie still has all the same features you know and love.

The Gremlin

Our fan favourite pull-up has only had one minor change, but one we think will be appreciated!
The stretchy wings have now been reinforced so they're stronger and more structured, but still super stretchy like we know you all love.

The Knight

Our beloved Knight has also had one small change to the shell but has updated inserts.
The shell now has NO HIP SNAP. That's right- no hip snap! Just two waist snaps and cross-over snaps. This change has been made so it is even more versatile for skinny and chunky bubs alike! 
Inserts- We have added an extra booster! This is a rectangular 3-layer bamboo cotton insert. In addition, we have added an extra layer to the original booster, now making it a 4-layer bamboo terry insert. Our trifold has been re-designed and is still 3 hemp layers, but now features NO FOLD LINES. We are calling it a "multi-fold". This is so people can fold it however they like without the need to feel it can only be folded into 3. 

The Dragon

We have added a tummy elastic!
All other features are the same as last release but now just with a new tummy elastic! We hope you love this small but exciting change!

The Fairy

Our newborn nappy has been updated to now have some elastic in the front PUL tummy guard.
We have also upgraded the insert to be a 3-layer bamboo cotton snake insert. This will be more versatile and absorbent to cater for all babies and their individual needs.

.......and we have a NEW STYLE!

Introducing our Pixie Velcro!
All the amazing features from our Pixie but with a high quality, premium enclosed velcro closure. 

We are so excited for this release and hope you love all the updates and prints just as much as we do!

As always, any questions please shoot us a message. 

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