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A rustic, yet elegant olive-green print adorned with delicate white fauna and moths.

Introducing our new sheet range which is made from beautifully soft and comfortable cotton jersey.  Backed with a waterproof lining this sheet is a two-in-one solution, this is a must-have item for easy midnight changes.

Size: 132 x 77 (with a 19cm wall)
* Will fit most standardised cot mattresses.


  • Replaces your tangle of sheet-and-mattress-protector combos with a single sheet.
  • High-quality cotton jersey fabric with natural stretch.
  • Backed with a heat-sealed waterproof lining, for a superior, lasting bond.
  • Breathable and non-toxic.
  • Fabrics are GOTS Certified.
  • Comes in its own waterproof wet bag!

Read our 5 favourite things about our waterproof cot & bassinet sheets.

Main fabric: 100% Soft Cotton Jersey

Lining: Waterproof TPU

Our waterproof sheets are certified organic cotton - GOTS certified.

For the best results with your waterproof sheets we recommend to wash at 40 degrees, and hang to dry in the shade. No use of fabric softener, and or bleach.

Avoid extended sun exposure.

Fancy a bundle?

Waterproof Cot Sheet Features

Layer Up

Layering waterproof cot sheets is a total game-changer for those late-night surprises, whether it's a tummy bug or a nappy mishap. It's all about staying ahead of the game, making those middle-of-the-night changes a breeze without any unnecessary fuss.

High Quality

Our sheet range is crafted from top-notch cotton jersey material, providing both comfort and durability. Backed with a non-toxic, breathable waterproof film, it ensures your little one stays dry and cozy all night long, while also protecting the mattress.

Thick Durable Elastics

Unlike many sheets out there, our cot sheets are designed with a durable, high-quality elastic that ensures a snug fit every single time. This means no more slipping or bunching up, just a perfect fit that stays put all night long. Plus, with their robust construction, these sheets are built to last, standing the test of time and countless washes without losing their shape or elasticity.

What makes them waterproof?

Just like our reusable cloth nappies, we've taken the same approach with our cot sheets, bonding soft cotton jersey to a waterproof fabric for ultimate comfort and protection. What sets ours apart is our thermal bonding process, which minimizes the use of chemicals while ensuring that the waterproofing runs seamlessly from seam to seam.

Do they sound like a plastic bag?

Our mattress protectors stand out from the crowd because they're not your typical plastic or PVC ones. Instead, we use a TPU waterproof lining that's super soft, ensuring a comfortable and quiet sleep experience. With our waterproof cot sheets, you get the best of both worlds: effective waterproofing without sacrificing comfort.

How do I wash them?

The Cloth Bums waterproof sheet range is designed for easy care. You can simply toss them in the washing machine with a gentle cycle, up to 40 degrees. After washing, we recommend line drying in the shade for the best results, but if you're in a hurry, you can also use the dryer on a low setting.

Will they fit my cot?

Generally speaking, our waterproof sheets are designed to fit most Australian cot sizes. These cots tend to be more standardized compared to bassinets or other types of baby bedding. So you can feel confident that our sheets will snugly fit your cot, providing reliable protection and comfort for your little one.

Do I still need to use a mattress protector underneath them?

That's the beauty of our waterproof sheet range—it's a 2-in-1 solution. With our sheets, you don't need to bother with separate mattress protectors and sheets. It's all rolled into one convenient package, saving you time and hassle. Just pop our waterproof sheet onto the cot, and you're good to go—no extra fuss required.

Are these SID's safe?

Absolutely! Our cot sheets are crafted to meet SIDS safe sleep standards, ensuring that there's no excess fabric that could pose a suffocation risk. Additionally, the waterproofing technology we use, with its breathable TPU film, not only provides superior waterproofing but also minimizes any potential hazards associated with traditional mattress protectors made from PVC or plastic.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Rebecca (Perth, AU)
Beautiful quality

I've only just washed it and started using it, but so far it's lovely! Generous fit on a standard cot mattress (not fighting to get the last corner on!) The fabric is soft and feels good quality, plus the design is just gorgeous. I love that it can be tumble dried on low or line dried (so sick of sheets that have ridiculously restrictive wash instructions).

Mish (Brisbane, AU)
Incredibly soft

These cot sheets have to be felt to be believed, they really are top tier.
The waterproofing also makes them super convenient and reduces change times phenomenonally. So great if it's through the night!


Love it so smooth and great designs.


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