Gremlins: The Ultimate Pull Up, Training Pants or Side-Snap!

Gremlins: The Ultimate Pull Up, Training Pants or Side-Snap!

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Change Solutions for the Wiggly Baby
Wriggly babies grow into active toddlers oh-so-quickly. And while cloth nappies are the cutest thing out there to cover that tiny tooshie, we have heard (and lived) it all when it comes to explaining what it’s REALLY like to change a kid who just does not want to stay still. And we agree. It can be akin to wrestling an enraged crocodile when it comes to that unholy combination of wet child and change table. Which is why we designed and released the Cloth Bums Gremlin; a pull up nappy that can magically transition into training pants. Or a side snapping nappy. Or an overnight option for an older, toilet-training child! So to every mum or dad who has had to endure the type of nappy changes where your little person morphs into a Cirque du Soleil level contortionist hell-bent on auditioning for the newest Vegas residency? Fear. No. More.

Stop, Pull-Up Time
Have you ever had to handle bending down to change an independent toddler while heavily pregnant and already deeply uncomfortable? The absolute worst. Gremlins RULE as a pull-up nappy solution for nappy changes that frees you AND your child can play an active role in. A side-step away from your OSFM work horse, the Gremlin come with all the bells and whistles that made you fall in love with reusable cloth nappies in the first place and will suit children 8-20kg.

The Cloth Bums Gremlin Pull Up Reusable Nappy Features

This pull-up is a fully functional pocket nappy that comes with inbuilt microfibre layers and space for your favourite inserts and boosters but in a streamlined, side-snapping shell. The Gremlin still has rise snaps that allow you to customise the fit, and thick tummy and back elastic and gussets to hold everything in with no leaks, while the athletic wicking jersey living will keep baby’s skin feeling dry. and the Cloth Bums Bamboo Cotton Trifold insert is an absolute gun when it comes to absorbing wee, providing a high GSM that can be folded in multiple ways, but will wash easily and dry quickly.

Bamboo Cotton Trifold Nappy Insert

But the best part is surely the super stretchy wings allowing you can snap it closed ahead of time so that when the time comes, you don’t even need to bend down for your child to be able to step straight into their nappy. They’ll be as comfy as can be and leak-free in a trim nappy that will move with them on the go.

Training Pants
How hard is it to find underwear small enough to fit a toddler who is ready to toilet train when they're under the age of 3? Extra small undies are seriously impossible to find, especially when you need them last minute because your kid has decided that RIGHT NOW is when they’re ready to tackle that milestone and you just didn’t see it coming. You might not have ever used cloth nappies at all, but Gremlins make the perfect first set of undies for a toddler ready to hit toilet training. Even the littlest of behinds will find a perfect fit if you’re in need of extra small underwear (with built in absorbency!), and grow with them over time. Gremlins are even better than run of the mill underpants though due to their combination of stay dry and microfibre layers. That athletic wicking jersey will keep moisture away from their skin, while the microfibre will be able to quickly soak up any little accidents that are part and parcel of the whole toilet training process. It’s HARD for their legs to keep up with their bladders when on the learning curve, but in Gremlins they’ll be able to avoid unnecessary spills AND independently pull down their training pants making these training pants the ones to beat as an all-in-one toilet training winner.

Side Snapping and Night Friendly
You might be a cloth-mama who prefers a good side snap in her reusable nappy stash. Which we totally get! Or even on the prowl for a night nappy suitable for an older toddler or toilet-trained child who needs a little help when it comes to dry nights. Gremlins are especially great if they’re a little self-conscious about still needing overnight protection or to avoid bed-wetting.

These training pants have a pocket for additional absorbency but will still look and feel trim and will help them feel more confident as they can wear night-time undies while keeping their sheets dry. The Wonderpants! So there you have it; the ultimate nappy solution for wrigglers, trainers, older babies, toddlers or those children that just need a little boost to get them through the night without wet sheets. You can snap up a great deal at Cloth Bums with our Buy Bulk discounts that are calculated for you as you shop the full range. We just love our Gremlins and we know your family will, too!

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