How Do I Set Up My One-Size-Fits-Most Pocket Nappy?

How Do I Set Up My One-Size-Fits-Most Pocket Nappy?

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What’s In A Pixie?
When it comes to One Size Fits Most nappies, we know that we have an absolute winner in our Pixie pocket nappy. We’ve relentlessly tweaked and made improvements since it’s inception to ensure that this nappy will genuinely fit the vast majority of babies from birth to toilet training as a no leaks, no fuss all rounder over time.

If you’re here, it’s because you already know this stuff about how great the Pixie is. Its double gussets will hold floods and poo-namis at bay. The pocket is fabric that will wick moisture away from your baby’s skin and keep them feeling dry while the shell will make sure nothing leaks out. There is thick back elastic and gentle front elastic to curb leaks and adjustable rise, hip and waist snaps for a truly universal fit. All you really need to know from here on in is a user guide that helps you to choose which insert is going to be the best option for your baby, and how to put it all together for the perfect fit!

How Do I Choose the Best Cloth Nappy Inserts and Boosters For My Baby?
First of all, let’s separate Inserts, Boosters, and even Liners.
An insert is the main absorbency of your nappy, whereas a Booster is simply there to provide additional absorption to pair with an insert for heavier wetters, naptime or overnight. Both disposable and reusable liners are placed inside nappies to catch anything 3D, making disposal simpler however are not necessary. Reusable liners can also be used as an additional stay-dry layer, especially for nappies that don’t already have that built in stay-dry pocket like the Pixie.

When using a Pixie, an insert are made of absorbent fabric and sit inside the pocket of the nappy to soak up all of the liquid waste that comes their way. The stay-dry fabric of the pocket itself will then sit next to baby’s skin and keep them feeling dry. To place inserts directly against a baby’s skin would mean wet fabric rubbing against them constantly, leading to discomfort and potential rashes. Nobody wants that!

                Bamboo Cotton Trifolds
The Pixie comes with a couple of insert options; a Bamboo Cotton Trifold or a Hemp Duo of snapped together inserts.

The trifold is one foldable rectangle of layered bamboo and cotton fabric that is a great day-time option to light-medium wetters. They’re exceptionally straightforward to launder and make for a very quick drying insert when hung out on the line, making them a favoured Winter/Wet Season option. The trifold is designed to fold down (normally into 3, hence the name) and slide into the pocket. Which edge you fold on will depend on how you have snapped your nappy to size for your baby.

A little baby needing the highest rise snaps in place to shorten the length of the nappy will require a shorter insert within the pocket so it doesn’t poke outside of the pocket entirely. You can create a shorter length insert by folding the trifold along the longest edge of the rectangle.

An older baby or toddler is bigger and will require a nappy that is longer to cover their body, and won’t be have all of the rise snaps closed together. The longer nappy means that the insert can be folded along its shortest edge, creating a longer insert that will sit along the entire span of the nappy once placed within the pocket.

Simply put, a nappy snapped down to be as small as possible needs a smaller insert, and a larger nappy requires a longer insert. Your trifold should be folded as necessary.

                Hemp Duos
Hemp Duo inserts are comprised of 2 pieces of different lengths that snap together. Each insert has 2 outer layers of soft bamboo terry and 3 inner layers of hemp. The combination of these textiles creates a much more heavy-duty absorption that can hold even more liquid over time.

A newborn will likely only require one insert within the pocket of their nappy in which case the shorter insert will fit neatly within a smaller, snapped down shell. As with the trifold, a smaller insert won’t poke beyond the pocket of the nappy.

An older baby will need greater absorption as they grow, and both inserts can be snapped together and placed within the pocket as a single unit. The larger nappy pocket with less rise snaps in place will hold the longer insert.

If you find that your little baby with multiple rise snaps in place requires greater absorption than a single insert can offer, you will need to snap both parts of the duo together place them within the short pocket by simply folding down the waist end of the longer insert to create a custom length that won’t poke out of the pocket opening.

There are no rules!

In the end, it’s so important to remember that there are no rules when it comes to cloth. If you have no leaks and a happy baby…it’s working! Baby life is the ultimate game of changes and your cloth game is going to be the same, always evolving to meet their changing needs. We are always here to help you navigate those changes when you suddenly need a second pair of eyes to look over your fit and set up. Feel free to reach out to our team here at Cloth Bums to discuss your fit, inserts, snaps…we’ll be happy to discuss any and everything about your nappies with you.

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