How to clean your washing machine

How to clean your washing machine

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How to clean your washing machine!

We recommend cleaning your washing machine once a month. Cleaning it on the 1st of every month is a great way to easily remember and to get into a good routine and habit. 

First please read your machines instruction manual on how to clean.

If you don't have your manual then here is a rough guide on how to do it.
For more in depth details please head to .

Step 1: Clean the drum.

This can happen with either bleach or heat.

For front loaders you can run a 90 degree cycle without detergent or use your drum clean setting on your machine.
Alternatively if you want to make use of your machine being on you can do a 90 degree cycle with detergent and pop towels, inserts, and anything that can handle a 90 degree wash. 

For top loaders you'll need to run the longest cold cycle you can with some chlorine bleach in the drum. This method can also work for front loaders if you prefer this method. 
Use approximately 1/2 cup of 4.2% bleach or 2 cups of 1%.

Step 2: Clean the filters.

Clean out your lint filter or agitator pending if you have a front or top loader.

Step 3: Wipe it over.

Wipe all doors, seals, rims, lids etc to remove any residual detergent or bacteria that me be present.

And you're done!

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