How to use cloth nappies out and about

How to use cloth nappies out and about

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A very common question we get from people once they begin using cloth nappies is how do you do cloth when leaving the house?

Reusable nappies out and about isn't difficult and with these tips, you'll be using cloth on all your adventures in no time!

What do you need?
Taking out cloth is almost no different to disposables. You still need to take all your usual changing essentials like hand sanitiser, change mat, wipes, nappies, nappy cream etc. The only additional thing you need is a wet bag

The wet bag
This can be a small or large one depending on personal preference and amount of time you'll be out. 
Regular wet bags are the most common choice as they provide ample room for your nappies to be stored.

a white wet bag with golden orange leaves on a branch. The bag has two pockets and a carry handle.

Cloth wipes                                                             
If you're not using cloth wipes yet than you would just use your disposables as usual.
Otherwise there are a few ways you can bring your cloth wipes with you. 
One way is to just simply bring your dry wipes and wet them as needed with your own drink bottle or at a tap in the change room. Alternatively, you can prewet your wipes and store them in a small wet bag or waterproof pouch and they are all ready to go as soon as you need them. Huggies travel pouches are a perfect option. 

Bamboo velor cloth wipes laid out in triangles with green folage as decoration

The how to:

It's simple, once you've got out and set up everything you need to change bub- just as you would using disposables, change bub and put your used nappy into your wet bag along with any cloth wipes that you've used. 
If you have a soiled nappy, you can knock any solids into the toilet. This is a personal preference and isn't essential. Your soiled nappies will be fine in the wet bag until you're home.

Keep your dirty nappies in the wet bag until you get home and dry pail or wash as usual.
The wet bag keeps all smells and liquids nice and safe inside the bag. 

And that's it! I told you it was simple. 

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