Drying Cloth Nappies in Colder Weather

Drying Cloth Nappies in Colder Weather

Posted by Leia Norford on

How can you optimise drying your cloth nappies when the colder weather hits?

Here are our top tips to keep you on top of drying in the colder months.

1. Hang inside on a clothes horse/dryer under a fan. If you don't have a ceiling fan, then you could invest in buying a pedestal fan. 

2. Any pocket shells that have inbuilt absorbency, turn them inside out before hanging up to dry (such as the Cloth Bums Gremlin or Knight nappies)

3. Use a peg hanger. You can hang outside while the suns out and easily relocate to inside at night or if the rain shows up. When hanging inside, hang up high. Hanging near a fan, heater or fireplace is an added bonus.

4. Dry your inserts in the dryer and hang your shells inside on your preferred drying method.

5. Use preflats and covers. Preflats are a very quick to dry option and are a great stash builder or even use as a full time stash just for when it's colder.

6. Buy extra inserts. Shells usually dry quickly and it's the inserts that take their time. Having extra inserts means you can reuse your shells as soon as they're dry and just place your extra inserts in while the others finish off drying.

7. Build up your stash to have a few extra days worth of nappies so if your main wash takes a few days to be dry then you still have enough clean nappies to get you by. 

8. If all else fails, you can take your inserts to a laundromat and dry them there.

We hope you find success in keeping up with drying times when it gets cold.

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