Nappy Bag Essentials - Cloth Nappy Edition

Nappy Bag Essentials - Cloth Nappy Edition

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Packing a nappy bag as a first-time Mum can be daunting, especially if you're a cloth mumma, so we have compiled the perfect list for you to make things a little easier!
Remember, this is just a guide and you will soon learn the needs of you and your baby to be able to adjust this list to your individual needs.

For more information on how to use cloth nappies out and about, click here.

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Nappy Bag Essentials:

- Nappies (adjust the amount according to how many hrs out of the house you will be)
- Cloth Wipes (or packet of disposable)
- Nappy cream
- Large wet bag  
- 2x change of clothes
- Travel change mat
- Bibs
- Bottles and formula (if using)
- Reusable breast pads (if using)
- Nipple cream
- Hand sanitiser
- Burp cloth/ terry towel
- Blanket/Muslin wrap
- Dummy (if using)
- Tissues
- Small first aid kit
- Small toy

Other things to consider:

- Insect repellent
- Lip balm
- Panadol (for you and/or baby)
- Sunscreen
- Extra wet bag
- Spare top for yourself (because you never know what kind of liquids you'll encounter hehe)


- Pack 1 nappy per 2hrs you're out of the house, plus 1 extra (just incase)
- Restock your nappy back when you get home so it's all ready for your next outing.
- Get a nappy bag with lots of pockets.

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